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Photonic Gel

Formulated by a Ob-Gyn to be pH-balanced with only clean ingredients. It is a water based gel, infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe to help moisturize. This gel increases the light power of vSculpt Pro by 45%.

Photonic Wipes

Specially formulated to clean harmful bacteria and unwanted residue from vSculpt Pro. Helps protect the silicon, lights and electronics for optimal device maintenance and longevity. Not for use on the body.

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This soap-free, french-milled bar provides a rich, luxurious lather for a gentle, smooth and nourishing cleanse for the delicate vulvar tissue. Enriched with coconut, argan and avocado oils


A gentle intimate wash that blends 8 key natural antioxidants found in aloe leaf and mandarin orange with arginine, a natural amino acid, to help cleanse and freshen delicate, intimate skin. Unlike most cleansers, this 100% aloe-based wash contains no water, only powerful and clean ingredients.



An intense intimate hydrating serum packed with powerful antioxidants, omegas, and 14 essential vitamins found in natural ingredients. Our proprietary blend of coconut, seabuckthorn, and jojoba oil-combined with mandarin orange, beeswax, and vitamin E-shields against dryness and nourishes the tissue.


vSculpt Pro harnesses the power of red-light, gentle heat and sonic technology to treat common pelvic floor issues including bladder leakage, intimate dryness and pain with intercourse. It is HEALTH CANADA approved device.

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