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Fucntional Medicine Health Coaching

A functional medical health coach is a behaviour change expert. Your coach will support and guide you from a diagnosis to your ideal vision of health and wellness. Together, you will form a plan for where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do in order to close that gap so that you can reach your goals.

Everyone has the ability to achieve lasting, positive change, but change is normally hard. Your coach will form a partnership with you to help you identify your motivation to achieve lifelong wellness and to co-create a plan to get you there, with the best course of action based on your values and unique circumstances. It will be a simple process with attainable steps. 


Your coach

  • Will help shorten the gap between your diagnosis and your health vision.

  • With permission, can provide educational materials and supporting resources to aid in your health journey.

  • Will hold you accountable for the actions and goals you set for yourself.

  • Will provide a safe and supportive place to work through challenges. 

  • Will support you through a healing process and self-discovery with attainable steps toward your health goal.

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